Module/Course Description

Course Title: Intertextuality and Literary relations

Course Code: UU-LIT-4850-ZM

Programme: Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature

Credits: 12.00

Course Description:

Background and Rationale

The goal of the course is to examine the literary relations between texts, with a particular emphasis on theories of intertextuality and bloom an anxiety of influence. Through a series of case studies, the student will become acquainted with the primary theoretical concepts of literary relations and also how authors deal with the influence of other authors on their own work. Elements of cross-genre and cross-media relations will be studied.

Learning Outcomes
After completion of the course students are expected to be able to:
1. analyse theories of literary relations, especially those of Intertextuality and the Anxiety of Influence;
2. assess how author’s position themselves within a literary tradition;
3. analyse the use of allusion within works;
4. conceptualise sophisticated models of authority and originality;
5. evaluate cross-genre and cross-media adaptations of literary works;
6. trace literary relations between texts in a coherent and theoretically competent manner, in the form of essays and assignments.

Prerequisites: UU-Bsc-IND100-ZM, UU-FNT-103-ZM, UU-ENG-1110-ZM, UU-LIN-1121-ZM, UU-LIT-1150-ZM, UU-LIT-1140-ZM, UU-ENG-1210-ZM, UU-TEA-1220-ZM, UU-TEA-1231-ZM, UU-LIN-1242-ZM, UU-LIT-1250-ZM, UU-TEA-2312-ZM, UU-LIN-2320-ZM, UU-LIN-2330-ZM, UU-LIT-2340-ZM, UU-LIT-2350-ZM, UU-TEA-2410-ZM, UU-LIN-2420-ZM, UU-LIN-2430-ZM, UU-LIT-2440-ZM, UU-LIT-2450-ZM, UU-TEA-3510-ZM, UU-LIN-3520-ZM, UU-LIT-3530-ZM, UU-LIT-3540-ZM, UU-LIT-3550-ZM, UU-TEA-3610-ZM, UU-LIN-3620-ZM, UU-LIT-3630-ZM, UU-LIT-3640-ZM, UU-LIT-3650-ZM, UU-TEA-4710-ZM, UU-LIN-4720-ZM, UU-LIT-4730-ZM, UU-LIT-4740-ZM, UU-LIT-4750-ZM, UU-TEA-4810-ZM, UU-LIN-4820-ZM, UU-LIT-4830-ZM, UU-LIT-4840-ZM, UU-LIN-1130-ZM

Prerequisites Categories: Semester 1, Semester 2, Semester 3, Semester 4, Semester 5, Semester 6, Semester 7

Typical Module duration: 4.0 Week(s)


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