Module/Course Description

Course Title: The Teaching of Mathematics

Course Code: UU-PED-4730-ZM

Programme: Bachelor of Education in Primary Education

Credits: 12.00

Course Description:

Teaching mathematics to young children should be as interesting as possible to foster interest in numbers. Ensuring that learners have grasped the concept at that level prepares them for more complex forms of mathematics. It is therefore incumbent that the delivery of this course stimulate interest in numbers and enables the potential teacher use diverse pedagogies that facilitate better, exciting and innovative ways of teaching and learning.  This course will facilitate the understanding of STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and their importance for the teachers. This course aims at ensuring that the potential teacher acquires the relevant knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of mathematics and form the base from which to explore concepts and develop problem-solving skills. This should encourage the constructive application of skills, pedagogies and abilities in the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Learning Outcomes
At the end of the course students will be expected to:

i.    Explain and justify the significance of a constructive approach towards mathematics.
ii.   Teach the subject of mathematics with confidence at this level of study.
iii.  Identify misconceptions and barriers to learning in order to plan further activities. 
iv.  Plan and build well-structured lessons and sequences of lessons that promote good progress and outcomes by pupils.
v.   Explain the teaching strategies, resources, models and images that support the understanding of mathematics. 
vi.  Describe the ways that ICT can be embedded in the teaching of Mathematics.
vii. Explain how the development of classroom ethos can promote positive attitudes towards mathematics.
viii. Organise classroom activities to foster the love for the subject.
ix.   Critically evaluate their own teaching of mathematics to improve their practice.

Prerequisites: UU-Bsc-IND100-ZM, UU-FNT-103-ZM

Prerequisites Categories: Year 1, Year 2, Year 3

Typical Module duration: 4.0 Week(s)


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