Module/Course Description

Course Title: Technology, Teaching and Learning Aids in Education

Course Code: UU-EDU-1250-ZM

Programme: Bachelor of Education in Primary Education

Credits: 12.00

Course Description:


In the current contemporary world, teachers are not exempt from the demands of technology. As facilitators and educators, they are under pressure to ensure that they use technology in the process of teaching and learning a much as possible given the state of most students. It is not a debatable fact that an incredible amount of learning is taking place online by the students. Teaching and learning aids have and continue to be important resources in the process of teaching and learning. It is a known issue that teaching and learning aids facilitate the learning process and motivate students as well. The inclusion of technology makes the development and use of these aids crucial and more exciting. The aim of this course is, therefore, to develop appropriate and relevant skills in the potential teacher, that are innovative, creative and easy to use. Furthermore, this course explains the importance of technology in classrooms, EdTech techniques in practice, as well as the use of social media. Today’s emerging technologies are introduced to demonstrate the linkage that is there between education and technology that will be part of education in the future. The inclusion of theories of leaning is just as important here in order to help the students to choose the right media for online learning, and the right tools for teaching and learning.

Learning Outcomes
At the end of the course students will be expected to:

i.    Explain the role of technology and teaching aids in education.
ii.   Explain how technology is used in the classroom.
iii.   Evaluate technological tools and other teaching and learning aids to support teaching and learning.
iv.   Explain the applications of E-learning in schools and higher education and also look at the advantages and disadvantages thereof.
v.    Identify technological applications and resources used in classrooms today
vi.   Explore the emerging technologies in E-learning.
vii.   Analyse how technology can be embedded in teaching through a range of teaching and learning strategies
viii.  Analyse the impact of technology in the education.
ix.   Explore and explain the use of media in online learning.
x.    Discuss how the emergence of social networking technologies and the evolution of digital games have helped shape new ways in which people are communicating, collaborating, operating and forming social constructs.

Prerequisites: UU-Bsc-IND100-ZM, UU-FNT-103-ZM

Prerequisites Categories: -

Typical Module duration: 4.0 Week(s)


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